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Selling property is an exciting time with twists and turns.

It is important to have someone in your corner with Bay Area real estate knowledge and expertise. We’ll help you understand the process of selling, create a timeline, establish a marketing plan, and understand what is happening in your specific neighborhood.

Here’s the selling process from beginning to end:


Discovering your motivation to sell is an important first step in the selling process. Some sellers are in the middle of their career, downsizing, upsizing, relocating for work, retiring, or going through a life change, etc. Each scenario may effect your timeline and your financial objectives.  Based on the your goals as a seller, we can react accordingly and customize a comprehensive selling strategy.


With your objectives foremost, we will deliver a customized marketing plan. This plan will include all necessary details of how to achieve the desired results in the most efficient way. We will provide a plan to showcase all the features of your home, a pricing strategy and an activity calendar so you can see the plan and follow the progress.




We have sold many homes in every imaginable condition ranging from tear downs to luxury homes. Being that each owner and home come with unique circumstances, we will prepare accordingly. A preparation strategy is essential to increase your home’s desirability, no matter the condition. Activities may include inspections, repairs, remodeling, staging, and enhancing your curb appeal. During this stage, we will also begin planning photography, virtual tours, signage, and our unique online advertising strategy.


Lights, Camera, Action! Your home is the star! At this point we bring your home onto the market. Creating desirability is what we do with all the preparations and all the advertisements. There are many different ways to attract the buyers so we will cast a wide net and leave no advertising stone unturned. Your home will be featured on hundreds of real estate websites throughout the world.


As an experienced and trained negotiator, we will be able to field all the calls, remove objections and act in your best interest. We are solution based with your goals in mind. We provide professional representation throughout the process. From answering inquires, receiving offers and formalizing an acceptable offer, we are skillful and diligent.


We make sure that the transaction runs smoothly and closes on time. We stay on top of the entire transaction all the way until the close of escrow. We will be there at the end and make sure all the important details like repairs, invoices, money transfers and the title change are all handled properly.

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