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we understand that buying a property can seem like a complicated and an intimidating process.

We’ve been around this block a time or two, though (pun intended), so we’ll be sure to ask the essential questions and gather the information that will lead us toward the path of success. Here’s the purchasing process:


All real estate home buying depends on the ability to obtain financing. The type of financing (fixed rate, jumbo loan, adjustable rate) varies from client to client and situation to situation. Also, determining what you are comfortable paying and what you are qualified for might be two different amounts. All of these factors contribute to establishing your home purchasing budget. Having a pre-qualification and pre-approval are essential for shopping and turning in an offer.


After determining what one can afford, the next step would be to identify the criteria that is most important to the buyer. Buyer criteria may include square footage, number of bedrooms, floor plan, school district, budget, and potentially many other criteria. We will also help you select must-have items verses nice-to-have items. Being flexible and open-minded during this step of the process will lead to a more thorough search.


After financial arrangements have been made and the buyers criteria has been established, it’s time to look for your new home! We will put together a comprehensive search and find all of the available listings that meet your criteria. Access to homes and touring of these properties will be done as quickly and efficiently as possible.


After finding the right property, it’s time to make an offer! Market conditions may dictate how the offer needs to be structured. Establishing the correct price and offer is different for every seller and every market. We will lean heavily on comparable markets and recent data to arrive at the correct offer price. We will guide you through this process and make sure that you aren’t spending more money than you are comfortable with.


As per California law, buyers need to examine all aspects of the property that they are buying. This includes deed restrictions, the structure itself, the HOA, schools, the surrounding community, environmental issues, and many other important factors. Our experience will prove invaluable in ensuring that the buyer’s due diligence is exercised.


We will follow-up with all contractual obligations, loan commitments, and inspections and repairs all the way through closing. As the final moments approach, we will be there for you to answer any questions and to make sure that the deal closes successfully and on time.

Welcome home!

After the long haul of qualifying, financing, shopping, funding, negotiating, and finally getting your new home, it’s time to celebrate! Should you need any assistance with the move-in or minor repairs upon taking possession, we will still be your agent and ready to help in any way that we can.

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